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Your@udio by Cees Roelofs | Sound Panel | 40W | 4 Ohm | Flowers

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Size Base 150x100
In stock: 1000
Our sound panels interweave art with sound, super beautiful art with super beautiful sound.

The 150 x 100 versions contain 1 sound panel of 60 x 120, the 300x 240 2 sound panels so that a large stereo speaker is concealed in the artwork.

We can also supply other sizes by sending us an email, a demo is also possible in our demo rooms.


Rugged, rugged design with a 32mm voice coil attached to a steel spider
Pre-applied 3M & trade; VHB & trade; adhesive for fast, safe installation
Rare neodymium earth motor and proprietary two-layer voice coil
4 ohm impedance for use with small class D amplifiers
40 watts RMS load capacity for high power

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The speaker we use is built to turn large, thick, rigid surfaces into speakers. The 32mm voice coil is attached to a steel spider for maximum recovery power when high amounts of force are applied, giving the best sound to the panel

A neodymium magnet is used to create maximum magnetic flux around its own voice coil for greater sensitivity compared to similarly sized exciters. This in turn reduces power requirements and makes it possible to use very small class D audio amplifiers without sacrificing overall output.

To ensure maximum acoustic energy transfer between the transducer and the surface it is attached to, 3M Very High Bond (VHB) adhesive is pre-applied to the main body ... just peel and stick! For quick electrical connection, two male quick disconnect spade terminals are built into the housing.

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