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Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds | Built-in Microphone | Black | Charging indication | T10C

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Our wireless bluetooth earbuds are the best affordable alternative to the airpods 2. In addition to a fantastic clear sound with deep rich bass, all functionalities in this set of wireless earbuds are present. The Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a stable connection and very low energy consumption.

The ease of use is optimal, take them out of the charging box, connect them to your smartphone via Bluetooth and they are ready for use. The pairing of the 2 earbuds is automatic and once paired with your smartphone, they always stay automatically connected. Operation is via "touch control".

The wireless earbuds are suitable for any brand of smartphone, for example Apple iPhone, Samsung and all other Android smartphones.

The earphones have handy additional functions for the Apple iPhone. When opening the charging box, the earbuds are automatically connected and a popup screen is displayed on the smartphone, which indicates the battery indication. When the earbuds are put back in the charging box, they automatically turn off and are charged. The earbuds also work with Siri.
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