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Auna | UHF-550 Quartett3 - Wireless Microphone Set

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The auna Pro UHF-550 Quartett3 is a stage-capable UHF wireless microphone set that skilfully and versatilely addresses the practical demands of everyday events. In addition, in addition to an ordinary handheld microphone, the wireless microphone set also includes a pair of headphones with a microphone, which fully receive the repertoire of master singers, orators, market vendors and great silencers and thus improve the performative impression. Thanks to UHF technology, the auna Pro UHF-550 Quartett3 radio system also plays extensive areas to simultaneously expand the interactive options of what is on offer. With XLR and the 6.3 mm jack outputs, the system can be easily integrated into all conventional audio setups.
Thanks to its energy-efficient construction, the auna Pro UHF-550 Quartett 3 ensemble works for many hours at a time and is therefore particularly suitable for participation in evening events.
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