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Auna | AV2-CD508BT | Hifi amplifier | Bluetooth | Black | | 600 Watt

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The Auna AV2-CD508BT is a confident Hi-Fi amplifier with sensible functionality and resilient sound technology.
The connection options of the output stage deliberately orient themselves towards the average HiFi home standard. A front AUX connection quickly connects mobile audio components - typically MP3 and CD players - to the technical environment. At the rear of the device are three RCA line inputs for radio receivers, cassette decks, CD players and other equipment. Via a RCA line output, incoming signals can be passed on to other devices without any problems. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth interface, smartphones, tablet PCs and computers can be wirelessly connected to the audio system.
The power limit of the stereo amplifier is 600 W and thus achieves a sufficiently high level to deliver intensive sound even in extensive living situations. The technical background of the Auna AV2-CD508BT provides a dynamic, differentiated
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