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Acoustic Invader 1 x 2000W + 1 x 500W High Resolution Mono block Amplifier

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The youngest member of the Acoustic Invader squadron is the FELON monoblocks. FELON amplifiers are specific bi-amping amplifiers rarely seen on the hi-end audio scene.

Inside each monoblock there are two Icepower modules in D Class. The new Icepower module 2000AS1 with its digital power supply is in charge of the bass section, while the midrange and treble sections are powered by a 500W module with a powerful analog Acoustic Invader power supply. With this power amplifier, we wanted to please users who are inclined to experiment in sound.

Namely, in addition to bi-amping mode, you can run the entire system
only with a more powerful module with its digital power supply, or you can run the entire system with a smaller module with its analog power supply.

This capability gives you the choice to fine-tune your system and adapt it to your personal preferences. FELON amplifiers have an automatic and manual mode of operation, which is exclusively related to turning on and off the device.

In the automatic mode of operation, the amplifiers are turned on automatically with the appearance of a signal at their inputs, also when the signal is absent for 13 minutes, the amplifiers go into standby mode.

  • Basic characteristics of the device:
  • Working in D-class
  • Full balanced
  • Power IEC connector IeGo
  • Output voltage and current protection of the loudspeakers
  • Thermal protection of amplifier
  • High power output: 2000W/4 Ω ; 1390W/8 Ω
  • Low power output: 500W/4 Ω ; 220W/8 Ω
  • Dimensions: 435x130x450mm

  • Aluminum alloy CNC housing
  • Protection circuit for overheating, overcurrent, etc.
  • High quality gold-plated input and output terminals
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