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Full Experience with Mon Sound 

Our latest offering, the PlatiMon Virtual Coaxial One is a true marvel of product design for high end audio consumers.

Jun Hyeog Seo (the founder at MonAcoustic and the chief engineer) emphasizes in his sonic signature in consideration of attack time, sustain time and release time to leave great listening experience.

In terms of outer construction, the enclosure on the speaker is reinforced with the highest quality 6601-grade aluminum that promises transparent and modern clear sound.

PlatiMon VC One marries top-notch finishing quality with hyper brushing technique ensuring the premium experience through and through.

Place Yourself at the Heart of Performance

The PlatiMon VC One is specially designed to replicate natural sound reproduction while achieving a wide range of frequencies from 45 Hz to 28K Hz.

The high-performance in-house designed AMT tweeter produces higher frequencies from 3,100 Hz up to 28,000 Hz.

The main 5″ driver and woofer consist of special neodamium feerrites applied German units  that handles low to high frequency from 53 Hz to 3,100 Hz with sensitivity at 91dB.

The unique sonic pressure measurements were applied to rear ports of each speaker. The PlatiMon VC One has dedicated sides of speaker according to these special set up design, which provides you with soundstage and depth of sound you would not expect from the size of bookshelf speakers.

Built with No Compromise, In & Out

Weighing in at 15 KG(32 lbs) each, the PlatiMon VC One was built to last and stand elegant. With the matching resonant decoupling stands, there is no room for resonance with the material prejudice one might have from using aluminum materials. Mon Acoustic is proud with no compromises in material quality in and out.

Powered by Sanctus cable of Korea, PlatiMon used the same wires as the top tier F3 Signature speaker cables. 210 annealed wires that have been stranded 7 times provide unique sound image and sonic signature.

When you look for something special, Mon delivers its products with more than meets the eyes. 

Our brand new addition to family products, PlatiMon Virtual Coaxial One, present you with special quality inside and outside.

Within its modern design, it contains the 5″ drivers from Germany and the US made tweeters, which deliver you the high end sound.

Dual rear-ports takes you to an unique sound stage experience you would not expect from the size of the bookshelf in any dimensions.

Scientifically designed sonic pressure difference in dual ports generate wider soundstage and deeper depth with the created transparent and clean harmonics.

The virtual coaxial design allows the modern crossover design with tweeter at 3,100 hz, this resulted in unique crisp sound for attack time, sustain time, and release time. Once you feel these sound excitements, it will be a hard turn back from this modern, high defnition sound PlatiMon offers.

For Those Who Look For Mon Experience

Our previous product line ups were mere the beginning to show Mon Acoustic capabilities. We aim to those who look for high end taste in both materials and sonic signatures in this wonderful audio hobby.

With its matching stand, the same mechanism that was used in our highest model, SuperMon Isobaric, utilizing the tungsten ball bearing to decouple the movements and resonances from any direction.

Configuration 2 Way Virtual Coaxial
Cabinet Material Aluminum 6061 Grade
Face Plate Colors Silver, Black
Bespoke Color Available on request with additional cost
Tweeter Unit Mon Acoustic designed AMT tweeter made in USA
Driver Unit The drivers are 5.5” drivers
Frequency Range 40hz ~ 28,000hz
Impedance Sensitivity 4 Ohm/ 91dB
Speaker Dimension (inch); Weight(lbs) 10.6″(L)/7.5″(W)/17″(H) & 32 lbs each




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